Board of Directors

Timothy I. Copley Board of Director and Chief Executive officer.
Timothy has resided in Arizona since 2000. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering from Central Missouri State University with post graduate work at Southwest and Missouri State Universities. Tim worked 8 years in the customer service industry as a manager. He then spent the next 19 years in a development role for many large companies, including Kellog's, Kodak, IBM, Global Crossing and Level 3. Tim has also spent the last 14 years in general contracting and small business advisement. He enjoys donating time and money to many worthwhile charities and non for profit companies.

Jeannie L. Copley Board of Directors and Chief Information Officer
Jeannie has resided in Arizona since 2003. Jeannie is a PHD student at Arizona State University, she has a Masters Degree in Telecommunications and Software Development from Rochester Institute of Technology and MBA Graduate work at Rochester Institute Simon School of Business. She has worked in building different businesses such as Eastman Kodak and TGEN and has been in the Information Technology business for 25 years. She is currently a Professor for Northern Arizona State University.

Combined, Tim and Jeannie have over 42+ years of business experience, financial management, with incredible attention to customer service needs, and resource management that they will leverage for Copley Properties, LLC.

COMPANY OWNERSHIP: Copley Properties, LLC is a small property business that is involved in numerous aspects of the rental property industry. Primary experience and expertise is in purchasing rental properties and renovating them to provide high-quality living for students and professionals seeking low cost living environment. Although it is currently geared towards renovation for rental, this doesn't include the company branching out to renovation for resell.